Truesoul Drumcode
Nicole Moudaber
In the same vein as her recently launched MOOD imprint, Believe is suited to a number of atmospheres and settings. Across the nine original productions and one collaboration with label boss Adam Beyer, Nicole has crafted a sonically diverse long-player of sounds which draw on the plethora of styles electronic music has to offer. From her accustomed techno to twisted house and everything in-between, the stylistic variety on offer means cuts Believe will easily feature in more intimate settings and big-room venues alike. Believe features a host of tracks aimed squarely at the clubs. From the moody Movin On, the bass-heavy Do Your Thing, to the industrial techno grooves on Come And Lay and the hypnotic chanting vocal on Get On It, the techno-aficionados will not be disappointed with what is sublime set of cuts that will no doubt destroy any dance-floor. In contrast however, there are more intimate moments to be found. For example the rhythmically entrancing yet uplifting Fly With You, to Liberum Spirita with its mazy ethereal breakdown, and the synth-heavy percussive builder Lumière Tamisée. Nicoles further flexes her production muscle with the stripped back dub-flavours of Big Love With No Apology, and a robotic groove-laden funk on the standout Can I Get Some. Believe delivers a consummate body of work with which Nicoles considerable abilities in the studio are clear for all to hear. A wide-range of sounds that is sure to appeal to the idiosyncratic tastes of the various sub-sections of electronic music community. Furthermore, it lives up to the high-standards of previous Drumcode long-players and is an engrossing and impressive debut; and one that offers a smooth segue into the next chapter of an already exciting career.
Nicole Moudaber
Lumière Tamisée (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Movin' On (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer and Nicole Moudaber
Take Hold (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Come And Lay (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Do Your Thing (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Fly With You (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Get On It (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Liberum Spirita (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Big Love With No Apology (Original Mix)
Nicole Moudaber
Can I Get Some (Original Mix)