Truesoul Drumcode
Adam Beyer and Alexi Delano
Sleep Horn
The occasional pairing of Adam Beyer & Alex Delano is always a welcome one so its with some contentment that we lay our hands on Sleep Horn, forthcoming on Drumcode this summer. The duos history, both together and individually, needs little introduction and as a result theyre both firmly interwoven into technos rich and evolving history. Its with this in mind, that we can focus firmly on the music rather than listing the considerable achievements of the Swedish exports. Title track Sleep Horn, despite its unnervingly cavernous, pitched and effected horn lead couldnt have a more confusing name as there is absolutely no chance of sleeping through this beast. Probably the most relentless and uncomprimising track from DC so far this year, its a shining example of the hard stuff we all need in our lives. Beyer goes solo for the two remaining tracks, Filthy Lobster and digital-only track Grass Carpet, and as usual from the consumate proffessional the quality doesnt drop. Filthy Lobster manages to display shuffling funk and eager pushiness at the same time which gives it a swaggering groove-bed for some of Beyers increasingly freaked-out effects. These little factors all add up to make a tight slice of machine funk that could only be Beyer. The stuttering, tom driven vibes of Grass Carpet rounds off the EP and does so brilliantly. Deeper, sleeker yet no less powerful than its wax-bound companions, its an intoxicating rhythm track with the subtle touch that Beyer manages to imbibe into all of his material, brutal or not.
Alexi Delano and Adam Beyer
Sleep Horn (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer
Filthy Lobster (Original Mix)
Adam Beyer
Grass Carpet (Original Mix)